Focus on silicon materials
and vigorously develop granular silicon

Silane-based FBR-produced granular silicon

Persistence is the key to success. GCL TECH has been intensely involved in the polysilicon industry for 15 years, given full play to its advantages, explored the R&D of silane-based FBR technology, and acquired the FBR patent and technical team from American enterprise SunEdison, Inc. Currently, it has successfully achieved the commercial mass production of granular silicon. GCL TECH is thus leading national- and industry-standard drafting unit for FBR use, making outstanding contribution to satisfying the need in the industry.

Granular silicon of GCL TECH has the environmental characteristics and advantages of low cost, low energy consumption, low emission, long life, high quality and high conversion rate, which has reached consensus in the industry. The whole manufacturing process of granular silicon is completely in conformity with the national strategic direction of "low carbon and emission reduction, energy conservation and consumption reduction, green and intelligent manufacturing", and will become a new growth point leading the photovoltaic industry to achieve the carbon neutralization goal of the state. According to the calculation based on the conditions stipulated in 2020 standard for photovoltaic manufacturing industry, the comprehensive power consumption generated by each kilogram of granular silicon is about 2/3 less than that of the traditional Siemens process. The carbon emissions can be reduced by 448,000 tons by producing 10,000 tons of granular silicon, which is equivalent to planting 2,186,000 trees per year and saving the combustion of 166,400 tons of standard coal.

After 10 years of development, the granular silicon products adopting “black technology” will become the main product for leading Chinese photovoltaic industry to actively integrate into the carbon emission reduction matrix.

Product parameters

Metallic impurity content ≤5ppbw

Metallic impurity content ≤8ppbw

Product characteristics

High-quality, reaching up to the electronic-grade standard
Have excellent quality of FBR granular silicon products and have passed the verification of N-type monocrystalline silicon. Spherical in shape, with good liquidity and can better meet the dimensional requirements of compound feeding, improving the efficiency.

Purity up to electronic grade

Better meet the technical requirements of RCz monocrystalline silicon

Silane-based FBR technology with independent intellectual property rights.

Low cost, excellent carbon footprint performance
Compared with the modified Siemens process, the overall production cost of FBR-produced granular silicon has been reduced by 30% than Si rods. Only in terms of polysilicon, 1GW polysilicon materials can reduce the CO2 emissions by 130,000 tons, which is 74% lower than the Siemens process. Based on the entire photovoltaic industry chain, 1GW components can reduce the CO2 emissions by at least 47.7%, significantly contributing to the achievement of carbon neutralization.
  • 80%

    reduction of power consumption

  • 60%

    reduction of human resource cost

  • 57%

    reduction of hydrogen consumption

  • 30%

    reduction of investment intensity

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