Vision of GCL Technology

A globally leading developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency PV materials

To be a “globally leading developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency PV materials” is the vision of GCL Technology.

GCL Technology promotes the development of green photovoltaic materials with green solutions and actions from a global perspective; resolves the constraints of resources and environment jointly, to achieve sustainable use of earth resources; is committed to becoming a globally leading developer and manufacturer of PV materials in the industry.

In order to achieve the noble cause, we will participate in the global market competition with an objective and rational position, abide by global market rules, develop strong innovation strength and excellent management ability, build a cultural system full of humanistic care, continue to lead industrial transformation and boost industry development, and build global leading enterprise competitiveness.

Mission of GCL Technology

Focus on green development, and keep improving the living environment

We have only one earth. Being deeply involved in caring for this planet is the unswerving pursuit of GCL Technology. We will promote the development of ecological civilization, improve the living environment and build a better earth by providing clean and efficient energy services continuously. 

All of our works are integral part of this great cause. We will spare no effort to turn our mission into our target, turn our target into actions, and turn our actions into results, so as to bring green energy to life and open up the future of green wisdom. 

Core values

  • Value-led

    Creating value for customers is the foundation of GCL Technology. We will always focus on customer demand, face global competition, dare to innovate and change, and constantly review and enhance our value with market results and customer satisfaction. 

  • Innovation-driven

    Innovation ability is an important indicator of the core competitiveness of GCL Technology. Only innovation can gather the source of power, keep youthful vitality forever, open up space for the future, and form differentiated competitive advantages. 

  • Hard work-based

    Hard work is the permit for GCL Technology achieving its goal. We cast the foundation of the cause with yesterday's hard work, and open the door of future success with today's hard work. On the road of success, we should keep working hard and should not be self-satisfied. We should always keep in mind that individual efforts are related to the success of the enterprise, and work hard to achieve success. 

  • Collaboration

    “Collaboration” is required to make GCL Technology stronger. In respect of awareness, “collaboration” means that all employees should work together with one heart. In respect of behavior, “collaboration” means that all employees should work together closely to achieve success. We advocate to solving conflicts and filling gaps jointly, to avoid repeated construction and go separate ways. 





GCL's Dream

Make GCL stronger and employees richer and get social praise

"GCL’s Dream" focuses on the corporation development, attaches importance to the happiness of employees, and emphasizes social responsibility. We strive to establish the balance between the responsibilities for shareholders, employees and society, seek to maximize the interests of all parties, build a broader community of shared future, and integrate GCL’s Dream into the great "Chinese Dream" by jointly practicing the concept of green, low-carbon and sustainable development. 

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